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    Bench Advice

    IDK if I'm doing my bench wrong, or if my gym has a heavier bar (don't feel heavier then 45 LBs) but today I was bench 145 my goal was 5x5. I was able to do the first two sets at 5, then it slowly decline... I had a hard time getting my 2nd rep on my 5th rep. My grip is I use my thumbs as a measurement tool I put it to the edge of the grip normally inside of the sliver line and I was wondering if changed grip might help me more? My ORM is 165 actually I was able to do that 2x, and um so I guess my true ORM max is 175 even though i've never actually tested. I figured 145 Lbs would be do able at 5 x 5. Any advice is greating appreaticated. I even had a left off on my last set and was only able to attain 2 reps, I really pushed for a 3rd but couldn't get it.

    I was wondering if I should lower my weight? I mean maybe 145 is too much to complete... Should I take it down ot 140 or somthing. Or should I continue on working till failure and or 5 reps until I get it down.
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