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    and you are ****ing lucky to get 140 lbs up in 4 months. Thats 35 lbs per month. Thats 8.75 lbs per week. Thats unheard of for that long of a time period, especially for banch press.
    maybe Im a wonderkid, maybe Im superman. jk. I went back and looked at my notebook today. january 19, when I started keeping track, I did 175 X 7,6,5.
    May 1, I did 275 X 7,6,5. between jan 1, when I started and jan 19 I went from 135 to 175

    I really believe in the heavy weights/medium reps/3 sets system. I looked at all my lifts and they have ALL gotten significantly better. my skull crusher went from 50 to 105, my squat from 145 to 225, deadlift from like 180 to 275.
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