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Thread: Ice or Heat??

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    Ice or Heat??

    I strained the hell out of my right front delt on thursday. Of course, it didn't hurt 'til Saturday night. I think the bursis is involved too.

    I iced it all day Sunday. Numbed the hell out of the whole shoulder. So. today it doesn't hurt. Shoulder pops when I do non weighted "side" raises, (This tells me there still must be some swelling becuase the popping comes from around the bursis) and I have NO strength in front raises. No PAIN. I notice the lack of strength in raising a glass of water to my lips.

    Should I apply heat now to stimulate blood flow for healing (the lack of strength), or keep up the ice to reduce the swelling (that's why it's popping)?

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    Ice is most affective the first 3 days or so. It still may help a bit if you havent compressed it or anything. If you feel it has started to heal a bit heat and stretching and massage will definetly help.

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    after you iced it for a couple days just give it time to heal. See how you feel after a week.
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    The ice is there to primarily prevent/or bring down any swelling. Is they area inflamed or swollen? If so keep the ice on. 3-4 days of ice is usually a good rule. After you can cycle between heat and ice. Just make sure it doesn't swell up again when you add heat.

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