Well what got me started was getting arrested and grounded actually. I had worked out here and there gone to the gym and fooled around. But then one night I got arrested, I smoke weed a lot drank a lot smoked generally a lot. Well I got arrested for supplying aclhol to minors (i'm 16 and was 16 at the time). Well my dad was ticked off when he picked me up out of jail and he grounded me from all of two places outside of school and home. The gym and work. Well we PSCING (permeant change of station (military faimly)) and we were living in a hotel so the gym was basically somthing to do to get out of the house. I began working out, and well I loved it. Ever since I got to germany i've been working out harder then ever

Even though I still drink once in a while (ie maybe every 3 weeks or so at a party or somthing) I don't smoke ANYTHING or any drugs, the gym made me go clean... Thankfully I didn't go down that road too far before I walked back.

What got you started to want to work out?