ok so ive been watching ufc on spike, and whenever you see these guys train its all lightweight high rep, old school stuff. so i decided to do some investigation and find out whats the deal. i wrote nate the rock quarry on myspace this question.

" ive been a huge fan of ufc since it was on spike, ive followed your career and seen all your fights you have alot of knockout power, heres my question. how come whenever see ufc fighters train no one is using heavy weights???? are you guys jus going easy for the camera of is there no relation between power lifting and power striking?????? "

heres his response

" Good question! Heavy weights are good for one or two reps, but we fight any where from 15 minutes to 25 minutes so we need that endurance strength. And most excercises are for beach muscles, fighters really don't need pecs at all, much better to have a strong back.
Hope this helps"

not im not sure if he speaks for the whole community(lets hope not) but i wanna see what you guys think bout how fighters lift weights. I know tank abbott can bench 600, and seen hughes squatting i think so there is some exceptions.