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Thread: My Routine

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    My Routine


    Leg Day
    5x5 Squats
    5x5 Deadlifts
    3x15 Calve Raises (machine)
    3x8-10 Hip Adduction (machine)
    3x8-10) Hip Abduction (machine)

    Coar Day
    5x8-15 Weight Ball Crunches
    3x8-15 Hanging leg raises
    3x8-15 Leg Raises Holding myself up from the dip handles
    3x10-15 Decline Reverse Crunches
    2x30 Seconds side bridges (each side)
    3x10 This (on each side)

    Tricep Day
    4x8 Barbell Bench Press
    1x8 Wide Grip Bench Press (my pecs are my weak point)
    3x8 Dumbell Shoulder Press
    Dips and Pushups mixed in

    Bicep Day
    4x8 Bent Over Barbell Row
    4x8 Dumbell Preacher Curl (each arm)
    Pullups mixed in

    I usually do legs 7-10 days apart, I do abs whenever they're not soar (about 1-3 times a week), and I do my arm days usually one right after each other 1-2 days and rarely 3 times a week.I'm a beginner but I think I should switch my routine to include a back day instead of arm days because sometime my back is too soar or tired to do some of the compound exercises that require it.

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    why so much focus on your CORE?

    btw, it's sore and not soar.

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    I think you'd be better off checking out some routines around here. Maybe give Built's Baby Got Back routine a look or something.
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