I am an ectomorph with goals of gaining some lean muscle mass, with particular focus on some key areas.

Height: 6'2''
Weight: 160
Fat%: 10%
Daily Calorie burn according to Katch-Mcardel Forumla: 1830 calories a day, by using a 1.55 activity multiplier (2-3 times a week exercise) it comes out to 2746 calories a day.

I am starting a 14 week body transition program come Monday, comprised of 2 main components, Nutrition and Exercise. But I have some questions about each, and you will find them within their respective sections. The goals of the 14 week program are the following:

Gain 10lbs withouth going over 11% body fat
Balance body with muscle gain focused in the following areas: Upper Back, Neck, and Chest
Set the stage for a 6 pack after a short fat burn period following the 14 weeks
Stick to and continually refine program during training period.

Nutrition: (Food and Supplements)
QUESTION: My daily caloric burn is 2746 (according to the Katch-Mcardel Formula), some sources I have read say increase your caloric intake by 10% others say a 500 calorie a day surplus is more effective, at this point I have aimed at the 500 calorie a day surplus in my planning, is this the right angle?

I have designed a "framework" for the 7ish ish meals that I will be consuming during this program. I say framework because obviously I cannot/shouldnot eat the same things every day, but it has served as a model for what 3100-3200 calories per day looks like.

In the model I was shooting for a 50/40/10 percentage split of carbs/protein/fats, but did not acheive it.
QUESTION:I have read, to give your body the daily protein requirements for muscle building, shoot for 1.5 times your weight in grams. This value for me is 225, above and beyond that, it is the caloric surplus (complex carbs) that will feed the muscle. Since my nutritional mix is 54/33/13, alluding to my protein being too low, should I increase that percentage in my meal plan, or is 255g (30g over the requirement) of protein enough to achieve my goals?

I have decided to go with the reccomended doeses of the following:

Mens Formula Multi Vitamin
Protein - Methoxy Pro which also contains Ipriflavone, Methoxy, Glucosimine as well as additional BCAAs and Free Form Aminos
Creatine (ester delivery system instead of powder, what do you think?)
HGH - Secretagogue-One by MHP

QUESTION: What do you think about these choices, im looking for best bang for beginners and hardgainers.


4 Short intense workout sessions (35-50 min) per week: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun concentrating on 2 muscle groups per workout, working each group 1 time per week to complete failure to elicit hypertropic response.

Workout routine framework
Exercise Routine based on WBB1, Core Compound exercises (bench, squats, mil-press, rows, pulldowns)
Followed by isolation exercises
3 reps of weight aimed at failure between 6 - 8 reps each set with a 2-1-2 second cadence of positive-hold-negative movement of the weight

QUESTION: based on my body type how much time should I rest between sets, and should I be performing each set till failure, or just the last set?

Question: how do I treat my abs, I cant really do 6-8 reps till failure, so how else do I get a hypertropic response from those muscles? And should I work them each workout, or 1 time per week?


That pretty much wraps up my program and questions. Hopefully I will be able to achieve a 10lb mass gain, with 8-9 of those lbs being lean muscle mass. I have worked out before, even for years working 2-3 times per week, but have never gotten serious about nutrition and lifting.

Thanks for the help, and I will be keeping a nutritional and physical photo journal.