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    Need Some Help (Long Post)

    Hello, I haven't posted in awhile but I have still been lurking around these forums. Anways I need some help from some knowledgeable/experienced people on the forum. Im looking to help my mom out with designing a workout routine but she has some problems that have me stumped. I began to run her through the basics, squats, how often etc. But she stopped me and told me she has two problems, first off, she has a torn ligament in her knee which I'm not sure if that would prevent her from squating so I need advice on that, and secondly she has a bulging/desenegrated disc in her lower back. She has been told she is not aloud to do situps and her back also gives her problems from time to time. Her goal is to lose weight, I'm not sure about what her bodyfat level is at but it's fairly high (she's aiming for maybe a 20 lb weight loss) maybe more depending on how this works out. I know all thats based on diet and we've been curently working on that, but she has not exercised in years so she needs to get back in shape. Also the other thing is that she is working out at home not a gym, I have dumbbells, An EZ Curl bar, A treadmill and an exercise ball and decline ab bench, which she cannot use due to her back. So to sum it up, what can she do with her back and knee problems and can she do it at home?

    Thanks in advance
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