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Thread: good after workout nutrition

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    good after workout nutrition

    wat are some good things to eat or drink right after a hard workout??

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    Fast-acting carbs like dextrose post-workout is the best.

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    Oat meal is good Iv read.

    Properly made oatmeal and not those berry flavoured sugar packets.

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    as soon as finish get some extremely simple carbs in the form of liquid like dextrose or lucozade to spike you insulin (i even here cutler has a glass of coke or something like that!) then a shake (ideally in this liquid will get into your system quicker!) in water if you cant handle mixed in with your simple carbs. and then hour later make sure you get all your required carbs, protein and fats in a meal and lots of veggies
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast
    Fast-acting carbs like dextrose post-workout is the best.
    :withstupi ~0.5g/lb bodyweight (bw), and add some whey or protein mix ~0.25g/lb bw.
    Move heavy weight, eat, sleep, repeat.
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    milk+whey protein
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    Right after you're done working out:
    Whey Protein + water and an insulin spiker (dextrose, meltodextrin)

    Post work out meal:
    Egg Whites + Grits (P+C) (add a slice of cheese like Ronnie Coleman for taste)
    An antioxidant, to stop free-radicals from damaging your muscles (green tea)

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    type in "Post workout" in the search man. No need to open a new thread about this topic, you will find tonnes of info.
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