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Thread: Olympic Weight Lifting - Personal Experiences

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    Olympic Weight Lifting - Personal Experiences

    Hi guys,

    I have a favor to ask for you all. As part of my final project for one of my classes, i have to create a blog and turn it into a creative and interactive community. The good thing is that i am able to choose any topic i want.

    The topic i chose was Olympic Weight Lifting. Basically, i talked about the history of olympic weight lifting such as the rules, competition, the snatch, clean & jerk, different weight classes, and so forth. Then, i specifically talked about Pyrros Dimas and his incredible story of how he won 3 straight golds!

    Now, i need to expand the interactive community and would like to know if you guys are willing to post your own stories/experiences relating to olympic lifting. It can be anything such as participating in a meet, going to a meet, a typical training session that you had, and so forth .. as long as it's Olympic Weight Lifting.

    Please post your story and include your name. It would be great if you could also post some pictures and videos of yourselves if you want to because that would really help with my project. I will then post your stories on my blog and you can see it for yourself if you would like.

    You can also email your stories to me at if you want to do that instead.



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    My contributions are minimal, but you can have them if you'd like.

    I will say that for as little as I know about olympic lifting I do know this, Its an extremely difficult sport to be in... much moreso then just regular powerlifting. Olympic lifting requires that nearly every muscle performing the lift be of a very similar and very strong level. The clean and press, to me, is just about the most taxing lift their is on the body. I would have to say the squat is the only non oly lift that comes even close to oly lifts. It also takes technique, along with brute strength and impressive size. I've seen some very strong olympic lifters that weren't "big" but were damned strong.
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    Thanks for your reply WBBIRL

    I will add that to my blog. Keep it coming people.

    If the majority of you have experienced doing any form of a clean and jerk, push press, front squat (olympic style), snatch or any kind of movement similar to an olympic movement, please feel free to post anything you want.

    For example, just describe the feeling you get when you have to squat for reps or how hard it is to push a lot of weight overhead when doing a push press and so forth.

    This is another example someone told me.

    "I'll tell ya that there is nothing better then the olympic lifts. they make you feel incredibly powerful. No exercise can match the feeling you get of taking a weight from the floor and putting it over head. it is amazing."

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    Like WBBIRL I don't have a ton of experience with oly lifting in general, but I do know that the times when I've made the most progress and the times when I've been including some form of olympic lifts in my routine. There is no better way to implement resistance training into an overall fitness plan. Olympic lifts are dependent on many critical forms of strength and fitness, and to be very successful at oly lifting you have to develop those aspects for vitually every major muscle group in the body. IMO there is no feat of strength more impressive than putting massive amounts of weight overhead. Oly lifts simulate motions that are constantly utilized in sports and every day life, such as the explosive triple extension in the legs that occurs in running, jumping, and even walking to some degree. I can certainly say without a doubt that if I had to choose one lift to do for the rest of my life, it would be either the snatch, clean and jerk, or overhead squat.
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