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Thread: Women and college education / Getting a dog

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    Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
    Good advice there.

    I'll try to explain my situation. I work with this chick. She works 9 days per pay peroid while I work 10 days per pay period AND go to school full time (I am off for the summer though). In our field both 9 and 10 work days are considered full time. So this right there is kind of confusing to me - why does she work 9 days instead of 10 every pay period. Does she not know that working that extra day gives her $150 a month extra after taxes?

    So anyways this chick is driving me ****ing crazy!!

    I'm 24 years old and I've never been in love until now. She is like the total OPPOSITE of me. First of all I save like 100% of what I make (I did just buy a condo but after I pay all my bills I still save pretty much everythin). She's 32 and has an apartment. I don't have any kids she has one. I'm akward and have no social skills whatsoever while she's very social and can talk to anyone (I think being a 20 on the hotness scale of 1-10 might help her a little). I'm white she's black. I eat healthy she doesn't. I work out she doesn't. I have normal blood pressure hers is 170/110 (I kid you not).

    mrelwooddowd you mentioned her age - the thing is, I've been out with her before on dates. When I go to a restaurant with her and order wine EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY ASK HER FOR HER ID! She looks half her ****ing age. And she's 32. How is that even possible?

    I don't know what the hell to do in this situation. I always see the advice on women threads so help me out her a little. I would know exactly what to do if she was going to college or was already out, but not too sure what to do in this situation. Is she just waiting for some rich guy to sweep her off her feet?

    Also, another thing that I'd like to add which I found really hard to believe was she said that no one has ever treated her as nice as I have. I couldn't believe this because she is so beautiful, not hot, but beautiful, that it doesn't make sense for guys not too treat her well. But she did say a lot of guys are very intimidated by her - so my guess is that only *******s/players are the only guys that asked her out. When I asked her out I just did it for the hell of it, I really didn't think she would say yes.
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    Honestly, sometimes I feel like I need a wife who will generally just take care of me and cook and clean. I work my ass off when it comes to academics, and studying, but outside of that (and working out) I'm about as lazy as they come. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have someone cooking for me each day. I keep my own bedroom tidy, but outside of that, I just can't be bothered.

    But then again, I don't want to be with someone who lives an unfulfilling, pointless life based on serving me hand and foot. Also, I don't think I would respect a woman who hasn't done anything worthwhile with her life. I feel like education is so important, and perhaps this makes me sound like a snob, but I can't help but look down on most people who don't make an effort to get an education. I don't think it would be right for me to get into a relationship with a girl I saw as anything less than my equal.

    And also, I don't ever want to have the burden of an entire family on my shoulders alone. There's always a possibility that I'll want to try new things over the course of my life, so I wouldn't want to feel obligated to stay in a career that isn't leaving me satisfied, simply because of financial reasons. If my wife has a good career there's a lot more flexibility.

    So, with that being said, yes I think a college education is absolutely necessary.

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    umm i have only been dating or been intrested in girls who are atleast in college. i think its important but not the most important trait.
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    Haha, get a beagle, because their face looks so lazy. I remember this neighbour I had, they had their beagle dog tied up on the front yard. Everytime I'd walk by I can't stop looking at it's face because the dog looks so damn lazy... its funny, and he keeps looking back at me.
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    Miniature Schnauzers don't shed and they are amazing dogs.

    Small enough that they are really easy to deal with but not so small that you look like a wuss with it. In fact, they are pretty athletic looking.

    In general, they are super friendly, rambunctious, playfull, and fun. They can also be mischevious depending on the individual but also very affectionate.

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    I would say (and remember I'm drubk) PIIHB!
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    Quote Originally Posted by David
    I just started living alone and it's boring as hell. Family and friends live far away and I need a companion. I was thinking of getting a girlfriend but the girls I met so far are only after money (wanting me to fill up their gas tank? wtf?).
    So I've decided to get a dog. I was thinking of getting a small or medium sized dog, about 30 pounds or so because there is no room for a bigger dog in the condo. Plus I could meet lots of girls walking the dog.

    I need some name of breeds that don't shed.
    Isn't that what gas station attendants are supposed to do?
    anyways. for under 30 pounds I'd say get a cat like some others have said my cats been around for like 14 years and he's cool as hell very friendly comes to the front door when I come home etc etc.
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    I am good friends with two chicks who I would marry tomorrow if possible (they are both married already lol). One is a successful businesswoman with a college education and one is a receptionist who has gone to some college and may or may not finish. Doesn't matter at all to me.
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    I dnt think it matters to me really. However i am the same i am a real good saver yet i seem to attract girls that spend like mad but as far as im aware this is 99% of girls so their isnbt much we can do but lie about how much money we have
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    I think it only matters if the woman can squat her bW x 1.5, DL BW x 1.6 and BP BW x1.0... otherwise, education means nothing...


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    I prefer to date someone with a college education but its absence is definitely not an automatic deal breaker. I know far too many well rounded people without it and too many morons with it.

    That said, at 32 your gf has missed the boat, save a divine intervention. Most female models start out at half her age, literally. There may be some fringe modeling agencies that might take a chance on her but the major ones likely will not.

    Regardless of her modeling, if you really like her see where it goes. She just may be your personal covergirl.
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    A womans place is in the kitchen.

    Barefoot and pregnant.
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    What is this woman doing to further her modeling "career"? What has she been doing up till this point that she hasn't been able to break into the industry and make a career out of it already? It's almost too late now.

    It sounds like a lack of motivation OR she's just waiting for the right sucker to come along to live off of. Past actions (or inactions) are usually an indicator of future behavior. If I were you, I'd stay away.
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    I just couldn't marry a women that had a kid from another man.

    Just a personal choice though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex
    A womans place is in the kitchen.

    Barefoot and pregnant.
    i remember my father saying this to my mother, just to tease her hehe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by David
    Thing is, she did go to college but got pregnant
    That would draw the line for me.

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    I would judge a girl on her intelligence more than her education. Have you guys seen the Apprentice where they had the high school grads? Yeah, they're definitely smarter than me and they didn't waste $100,000 on a private education.

    It makes NO difference to me. Besides, love is blind, if she is a waitress and I can make enough money to support the two of us and our children, and I love her, I'm fine with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guido
    What is this woman doing to further her modeling "career"? What has she been doing up till this point that she hasn't been able to break into the industry and make a career out of it already? It's almost too late now.

    It sounds like a lack of motivation OR she's just waiting for the right sucker to come along to live off of. Past actions (or inactions) are usually an indicator of future behavior. If I were you, I'd stay away.
    Yeah, I hate to be a naysayer, but I've met a good number of severe mooches in my day, and the fact that she's single *AND* has an 8-year old daughter means she has a lot of needs. That's AWESOME that you love this woman (how long have you been dating? Seems a little preemptive to me, but I just figured you'd been on 2-3 dates with her) Just be wary if she starts expecting you to help pay her rent or help her fill her gas tank, ya know?
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    Listen bro, I'm in a similar boat here. I met and fell madly in love with a girl here at work who is 8 years older.. for over 6 months now while shes crazy about me.. the only problem is that she had a boyfriend before me and the whole age gap is bothering her even though i couldnt care less about it. After pressure from her parents she now got engaged with this other guy, so I'd have to go through some desperate measures if I really want to continue with this girl... you on the other hand my friend have free game so I wouldnt let a college education or lack thereof get in youre way!!

    One last thing though... why dont you take it slowly? You might not think so, but after a while of living with this girl youre view of her might totally change... Keep dating for a while and see how it goes from there without thinking/worrying about the future too much. :-) Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Some things to think about:

    1. Is she intelligent... can you have a good conversation on a regular basis?
    2. Is she motivated, or does she just sit on her ass?
    3. Does she complain and make up a lot of excuses for her current situation?
    4. In terms of appearances...with age gap of 9, when she's 45, you'll be 36, when she's 55 you'll be 46... have you gotten a good look at her mother? That can tell you a lot...

    I've been dating my current girlfriend for four years now, and due to some very unfortunate circumstances, she wasn't able to finish high school. I helped her sort some things out and about a year and a half ago, she moved in with me. Since then, I've helped her get on track with school and now she's attending community college for a transfer degree... that being said, if she wasn't motivated to go back to school or tackle some other major endeavor that would help advance her life financially, I wouldn't be dating her now. Motivation is the most important thing to me, especially if I'm going to be living with this person for a significant amount of time. It's such an energy sink to have someone around who doesn't want to do anything with their life besides get by.

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    Get a Bichon Frise. If you don't groom it all pansy they are actually very cute.
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    LOL nice merge hahahahha
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    I'd marry someone without a college degree as long as they were still as intelligent as me.
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