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Thread: Beginner Here With Big Problems Please Give Me Some Guidance you Pros

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    Beginner Here With Big Problems Please Give Me Some Guidance you Pros

    Hello, first off great board.

    I am just beginning to train and I need some advice and support please. First of:

    Vitals: Male
    21 Years Old
    5í 10Ē
    170 lbs

    Diet: Since joining the gym my diet usually consists of

    Breakfast: A protein shake with milk and a banana
    Lunch: Couple of sandwiches or a Sub (no cheese, no mayo, whole wheat etc)
    Snack: Protein Bar.
    Snack: Can a tuna with low fat spaghetti sauce (for a little flavor)
    Supper: Steak or Chicken with veggies or pork and beans or another side. Sometime 1 or 2 slices of bread and water maybe milk
    Snack (optional): Protein shack or fruit.

    I think my diet is pretty good for a beginner it isnít supper strict but hey it isnít bad right?

    I also take ECAís or Hydroxycut in search of more energy at work. I think it helps me psychologically as well.

    My ultimate goal is too weigh about 180 shredded (in a couple of years) which is big cause I know guys who weight 180 and look twice the size of a guy who is in good shape and weight 220. My short term goal is to lose some fat (get some abs) they are almost showing maybe 8-12 more pounds of fat lost will have showing nicely. During this time I also want to gain a little mass and then just continue gaining.

    I do cardio like every day but my major problem is with weights is
    a) I am super week; I can only curl 20-pound dumb bells like 10-15 pounds each. (Dumbbells are the little ones right I have one in each hand?)

    b) Because I am so week I am embarrassed, When im at the gym, I feel like a dork I donít even know if I could bench two plates a side on the machine (I have never tried cause I donít want to look like a fool if I cant do it, and I donít just do one plate cause then I look like a goof) I was thinking about going at 6:00 am when there are no kid there? But I work so that isnít easy. Any advice would be appreciated cause my lack of strength and my insecurity do to it are delaying my goals.

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    The iron game is one of time and commitment, remember that everyone had to start somewhere, I couldn't even bench the 45lb bar when I first walked into the gym, but that never stopped me. Now 315 feels light.

    Now when teens ask how I got such a big bench I just say do the same thing you did today, repeat it weekly for the next seven years of your life.

    "Your bench makes Jesus cry." -Shark

    This is 10% luck, 15% skill, 20% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure and 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name...

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    Junior, theres nothing wrong with curling 20lb dumbells, or benching light weights. whats bad is when you put too much weight on and end up hurting/embarassing yourself when you drop a barbell on your face. just go in there, do your stuff, and in a few months youll have girls watching you bench press going *ooooh* *aaaah* *damn hes fine* !

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    well the diet you are using is far better than most beginners diets. hell most don't even consider diet so good work!

    Also train at your own level. Don't worry about what others think. Just be patient you'll get there, but it will take you longer if you get an injury from going to heavy.

    Do 0 plates a side to warm up on. Then add small amounts till you find your training weight then keep progressing each week.

    Just picture in your mind 10 weeks down the line when people will see how much more you are lifting. focus on that.

    welcome to the board!

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    Don't worry


    I totally know where you are coming from...but look at it this way. You may be weak right now, but at least your doing something about it...look at the other 90% of the population sitting in a lazy boy watching the TV eatting potato chips.

    So you have to lift light, so'll be curling 50's before it's all said and done. Then you can look at the weak guy just starting out and give him some encouragment.

    Most people at the gym don't even pay attention, sure there will be some dicks there, but you'll soon surpass them anyway.

    So don't worry about what others think and just hit the gym hard.

    If I could give you some advise, I would say do your light sets...except the very last one. Move up in weight and just do as many as you can with good form. That way at least you don't get discourage that you aren't moving up in weight. It's a mental game...lifting hard is 20 physical and 80 percent mental.

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    You aren't going to get stronger by staying away from the gym.. so either deal with the fact that right now you can't lift much, and focus on progress more then weight.. or deal with the fact that you can't lift much, don't go to the gym because you feel embarassed, and still be embarrassed ten years from now when you can't lift any more.

    Second, there will always be someone stronger then you, someone tougher. Forget that fact. You can use them as encouragement if you want, but don't focus on them.. If I go to the gym, and set a new record for myself.. should I feel happy that I did that, or sad because the person beside me did more?

    (I think that was suppose to be motivational.. I'm not too sure.)


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