Hello, first off great board.

I am just beginning to train and I need some advice and support please. First of:

Vitals: Male
21 Years Old
5í 10Ē
170 lbs

Diet: Since joining the gym my diet usually consists of

Breakfast: A protein shake with milk and a banana
Lunch: Couple of sandwiches or a Sub (no cheese, no mayo, whole wheat etc)
Snack: Protein Bar.
Snack: Can a tuna with low fat spaghetti sauce (for a little flavor)
Supper: Steak or Chicken with veggies or pork and beans or another side. Sometime 1 or 2 slices of bread and water maybe milk
Snack (optional): Protein shack or fruit.

I think my diet is pretty good for a beginner it isnít supper strict but hey it isnít bad right?

I also take ECAís or Hydroxycut in search of more energy at work. I think it helps me psychologically as well.

My ultimate goal is too weigh about 180 shredded (in a couple of years) which is big cause I know guys who weight 180 and look twice the size of a guy who is in good shape and weight 220. My short term goal is to lose some fat (get some abs) they are almost showing maybe 8-12 more pounds of fat lost will have showing nicely. During this time I also want to gain a little mass and then just continue gaining.

I do cardio like every day but my major problem is with weights is
a) I am super week; I can only curl 20-pound dumb bells like 10-15 pounds each. (Dumbbells are the little ones right I have one in each hand?)

b) Because I am so week I am embarrassed, When im at the gym, I feel like a dork I donít even know if I could bench two plates a side on the machine (I have never tried cause I donít want to look like a fool if I cant do it, and I donít just do one plate cause then I look like a goof) I was thinking about going at 6:00 am when there are no kid there? But I work so that isnít easy. Any advice would be appreciated cause my lack of strength and my insecurity do to it are delaying my goals.