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Thread: Suggestions: My simple routine

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    Suggestions: My simple routine

    After trying a summer of Westside and getting only mediocre results, I've adopted the KISS method: Keep it simple stupid! So here is my routine, based around the fact that i have my weightraining class on either monday, wendsday and friday or tuesday and thursday, and that i can work out at home on both saturdays and sundays:

    Day 1: Back and Legs

    5 x 5 - parallel squat

    5 x 5 - Weighted Chinups (I'm up to bodyweight +35)

    5 x 5 - Good mornings

    5 x 5 - Bent over Rows

    Day 2: Chest and Grip

    5 x 5 - Bench

    5 x 5 - Hang cleans or power cleans depending on how soar my back is

    5 x 5 - Dips (up to bodyweight + 25)

    5 x 5 - Hexagon Holds (the hexagon on the dumbell)

    Anything involving me gripping a bar I wrap with some rags to make it thicker, e.g. Bench, Bent rows, Hang cleans, etc. This works my grip in almost all aspects. Also on Bench I always start my first rep with the pins set so the bar skims the chest. This has really helped my stability.

    I train short and intense, usually no more than an hour. Also, although I am techincally doing *5 sets of 5,* the first two sets are progressively harder warmups. sometimes in only do 4 x 5. I vary some movements occasionally, such as heavy deads for good mornigns or military instead of dips.

    Now that I've got my maxes back up to where they were before wrestling season, however, I'm looking to vary it up. Maybe change the sets/reps for my accesories? Add some new movements? I'm thinking I'll keep squats, chins and bench with the same old 5x5 as i've added about 5 pounds a workout. Any other suggestions?
    Stats: 11/15/07-First-meet--2nd Meet----3rd meet
    Weight: 185-----187---------198---------198
    Max Bench: 255---220-----------280------300
    Max Squat: 405----395----------440------460
    Max Dead:475-----485----------551------570
    CHINUPS - Bodyweight + 135, x1, dead hang. Still working on the one arm chinup.

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    day one may really fry your lower back
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    Move the bentover rows to the next day. Hopefully you'll have plenty of time between days and really a couple sets of chins isn't enough to deter you from doing a few more sets of back on another day. This'll help the lower back soreness a bit and let you keep moving the next day.
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    I kind of *cheat* during bent rows and use a tight belt, so for the most part i get no strain on my lower back or overtraining, and I don't seem to be overly sore - I get plenty of food and rest.
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