I am interested in building a defined muscular physique. I am almost 5' 11" and weigh about 160 lbs. My goal is to gain 25 lbs by July. I have never lifted weights before but I think I have the genetic potential to gain muscle fast because I have always had an athletic build. Currently I'm short on cash to join any gym, so I have been using my parents universal weight cable machine. I know that free weights are generally known to build muscle faster since it excercises the stabilizer muscles, but I'm hoping to start with the cable machine and make some decent gains. (If I can) I have been training for about a week now and I have been taking Whey Protein powder along with a cup of milk to get the 160 grams of protein per day that my body needs to build muscle. I drink about 3 gallons of milk per week, and always drink before and after a workout. I plan on buying some weight gainer powder (for those extra calories) and creatine when I can afford it. I've been eating lots of tuna, hamburgers, poultry, hard boiled eggs and basically anything I can get my hands on that will give me that extra protein boost. I have been researching alot about bodybuilding on the internet and I am very excited and passionate about getting a ripped body for the summer. Well, anyway here is my routine. Any advice on helping me reach my goal would be greatly appreciated....

Upper Body Training (Monday's and Friday's)

Chest- 5 pyramid set of butterflys followed by a superset of pushups till muscle failure.

Shoulders- 5 pyramid sets of upright rows followed by a superset of pushups till muscle failure.

Back- 5 pyramid sets of lateral pulldowns followed by 12 reps of a superset of reverse grip pulldowns.

Triceps- 5 pyramid sets of close grip pushdowns followed by a superset of bench dips till muscle failure.

Biceps- 5 pyramid sets of cable bicep curls followed by 12 reps of a superset of seated rows. (My favorite excercise)

Lower Body Training (Wednesday's)

Quads- 5 pyramid sets of leg extensions followed by 12 reps of a superset of standing lunges.

Hamstrings- 5 pyramid sets of leg curls

Calves- 5 sets of standing calf raises x20 reps

Abs- 5 sets of abdominal crunches x12 reps followed by a superset of crunch twists.

With the limited equipment that I have to work with, I am hoping that these excercises and diet that I have been following will help me accomplish my goal. My pyramid technique starts out with a light weight with high reps and gradually gets heavier with low reps. I rest for about 1 minute between sets except of course on the superset. On opposite days I try to get in at least 20minutes of cardio training. I'm not sure if I'm on the right track but hopefully by joining this forum discussion, I can learn from the more experienced lifters out there. Any friendly advice is welcome....