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Thread: Traveling... no gym... what to do?

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    Traveling... no gym... what to do?

    I'll be traveling for a week and want to know if there are any small things I can do to keep myselft together. I may still be able to jog during the evening a few times but I don't think I'll be near a gym.
    I have been at a platue in my lifting for about a month now and I almost feel like a week off might be good, can that be right?!?!?! Is a week off ok... normal... just plane stupid... or am I worrying too much about it all together.
    If some time off is good let me know... if NOT... give me some ideas for stuff I can do to lessen the damage!!!
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    A week off is fine! My vacation to JP is going to be a vacation from lifting, too. Everytime I've taken time off in the past, I come back stronger and my body is ready to go.

    edit: stronger as in, more motivated and feeling better.. not actually physically stronger. That'd just be weird! :P
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    You are supposed to take a week off every once in awhile, it gives your body a chance to heal up, lets your muscles completely recover. Just watch the food when you travel, don't over indulge, and don't starve yourself because you aren't burning the calories you would be weightlifting. You really can't do much damage in a week unless you really let yourself go (ie like I DID ON SPRING BREAK) unless you plan on drinking 6 nights a week and only eating twice a day, I wouldn't worry too much.
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    What they ^ said. Don't worry about missing a week, everyone should take a week off every 3-4 months, it's good for your body.

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    A week!!! For God's sake just enjoy it. I had a 12 week hiatus from the gym when I went travelling last year in Latin America. I lost 30lbs, it took me about five weeks to gain it all back, and then some.

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    If you feel you must work out a bit, then you can do:

    Behind-the-back dips
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    I take a week off every 12-15. Makes me grow and return more energize.

    Eat clean, drink plenty of water, stay away from alcohol and enjoy your week off !

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    Yeah.. a week off is fine. Not only does it lead to gains when you go back, but they are in addition to what ever gains you made prior to the break. This is because aslong as you eat right, you won't lose muscle in 1 week. I've read some study which stated this. I don't remember where though.
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