As some of yall know I recently tore a muscle in my back so Im unable to lift for the next month or so. I was worried that because i was eating 6,000 calories a day mateniance i would put on alot of fat without being able to work out; in the end i decided a diet change similar to a cutting plan would be best. Its been close to two weeks and ive dropped around 7 pounds, im really worried that some of it is muscle and not just fat. What im most afraid of is being at 16 percent bodyfat now and then droppin 20 pounds and still being 16 percent bodyfat; what if all my weightloss is being muscle from not being able to workout and not fueling my body.

I also quit taking creatine and my other supplements figuring its pointless without squatting in my workout. Am I overthinking this or is it possible im losing more muscle then bodyfat