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    Summer Training

    Well my "wandering" is done for now since i'll be in a set place with a set gym for the entire summer. Gonna focus on getting as strong as I can for some competitions comming up.

    My deload week has just started so i'm just chilling for all of next week till I head up to Newtown, CT and start my summer training at the Gym of Newtown. Its a sweet gym and has everything I need so im pretty pumped to start training. I recently got a Rage X bench shirt and am gonna start training in it once I get my routine flowing so hopefully i'll be able to put up some good numbers in it. I'd like to buy some briefs too and/or a squat or deadlift suit, have my eyes on a few pieces. Also have a 10 lb bag of whey on the way and plan to keep my diet down pat the whole summer which will hopefully yield some good results.

    My new routine isnt THAT much different from my current one but I do plan to try and have it a little more structured. Not quite positive what the days will be yet but I plan to have a 4 day split, possibly 5 if I do grip work during the week. The 4 days will consist of...

    - Heavy Lower Day
    - Heavy Upper Day
    - Light Lower Day
    - Light Upper Day
    - Grip Day

    Heavy Lower Day: Will mainly consist of 3 lifts; Squats, Goodmornings, Deadlifts. The way I will rotate each is each heavy lower day I will do one of the lifts heavy first and then do the other 2 lifts after with medium weights. For example say I do heavy squats first, then i'd do medium goodmornings and medium deadlifts after, then next week start with heavy goodmornings followed by medium deadlifts and then medium squats, then heavy deadlifts, medium squats, medium goodmornings, etc.. etc.. you get the point. Every 2-3 weeks I will also be taking a week off from deadlifting since due to past injuries my lower back needs lots of rest. I'll also be doing 2-3 accessory exercises on Heavy Lower Day as well.

    Heavy Upper Day: Will always start off with some variation of heavy bench pressing. I'll most likelly cycle through heavy RAW full presses, heavy close grips, heavy 2-boards, heavy 3-boards, heavy dumbells, and heavy full press shirt work. Might start her off with heavy dips every now and then too since I love doin em. After the heavy benching I'll move on to another pressing movement like incline dumbells, dumbell floor presses, or dips. I also plan to incorporate plenty of upper back work in to this workout like heavy - max effort pullups, rows (barbell or dumbell), and other back exerices along with plenty of tricep work and a wee bit of bicep work.

    Light Lower day: Is just what it says, a light lower body workout. I plan to focus on box squats, pullthroughs, and speed pulls in this workout with other light lower body accessory work. Will either do some plymometrics on this day or at some point during the weekend or another off day.

    Light Lower Day: Same concept as above only with upper body. Speed bench, dumbell bench, light back work, BW pullups, BW dips, and other light upper body accessory movements.

    Grip Day: Grip Day will involve lots of CoC Gripper work along with levering, card tearing, pinch work and other such things.

    I also plan to do a fair ammount of swimming this summer since i'm living at a house with a really nice inground pool and lots of land. With all the land im hoping to do something in an exercise sense, not too sure yet though, but definitelly plyometrics and sprints will be included this summer.

    I'm definitelly going to at least 1 powerlifting meet at the end of the summer with Drew if not 1 or 2 more depending on my schedule so i'm hoping to get some good strength going this summer so I do well in the competitions since most are full meets, others push pull. My squat stance has changed so my max has gone down a bit but its slowly climbing back up. My current maxes are as follows...

    Squat: 415
    Bench: 320
    Deadlift: 445

    The squat was done with a wide stance and in a monolift. The monolift is definitelly nifty but I really hated the wide stance, was strong but just wasnt comfortable and I could feel an injury comming on if I kept squatting like that. My new stance is much closer, shoulder stance but might move it out an inch or two more, pushin around 375/385 with my new stance but plan to push it up especially if I can purchase some breifs and a suit. My bench has been moving verrrrry slowly but If i can learn this shirt I expect it to really shoot up. I've finally found my niche in deadlifting which happens to be sumo stance so i'm expecting these numbers to move as well. I usually hate setting expectations since not meeting them blows but fully equipped in a suit, briefs, wraps, and a shirt I would like to hit at least these numbers by the end of the summer, early fall...

    Squat: 440+
    Bench: 365+
    Deadlift: 475+

    If I can get my lifts up to at least those numbers i'll be extremelly happy, if I can get more then hell yah I get more. Anyway I know that was a long read but thats basically my routine setup and expectations for this summer. I also took my measurements for fun just to see if I improve any size wise in my quest for more strength. I'll also post a few pics that were taken a couple months ago so I can see if there is any improvement as well. I no longer have a camera but hopefully my girlfriends brother will be able to tape any big lifts I go for this summer. Here are my stats and current pics...

    Kevin Majoros
    18 years old
    162 lbs

    Shoulders - 48.5"
    Chest - 40.25"
    Waist - 31"
    Biceps/Triceps - 15.5
    Forearms - 13"
    Ass - 41"
    Quadriceps - 24.25"
    Calves - 16"

    Pictures 5/14/06:

    I know that was a reallllll long read so to those who actually read it I salute you to those who didn't, **** you guys! Anyway i'm really pumped to start training and hope everything goes well and my shoulder heals up asap. Hope everyone else also does some great training this summer.
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