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Thread: Spinning Away - fhornheads journey

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    Spinning Away - fhornheads journey

    Wow! I don't know quite where to begin, so I am going to break it all down as best I can. My current Stats:

    220 pounds
    43 years old
    36" waist

    I have been a member of this board for about 3 years, but rarely make any posts. I have been an anonymous "learner" for the majority of that time. Reading daily, checking out journals and pics and aquiring inspiration for my goals. I am starting this today in hopes of creating some self imposed expectations..... just trying to keep myself in check.

    Now, these are my stats before I started working out.

    400 pounds
    39 years old
    58" waist

    I'm going to blow your mind with some after pictures, but that will come in the next post. I have not really recorded any measurements of my muscles (bi's, tri's, hams, quads, etc) because that was not important to me at the beginning of my journey, but now I wish I had them. Losing over 175 pounds has changed my life without a doubt. But I will never look like one of you guys due to the loose skin factor. I hope everything will tighten up over time, but I have been in a holding pattern on weight now for over 6 months and I can not tell that things are tighter, but it is hard to judge yourself sometimes. I lost this weight without any surgery or diet aids. Only working out and diet control. I bought a Mountain Bike about 2 years ago to facilitate the exercise. First bike I have ridden since I was in college.... 17 years earlier. Now I ride constantly.

    My current workout routine consists of some form of cardio daily with muscle toning exercises, but I have only been lifting once a week. Kinda hitting all general muscle groups at once. I have overcome some injuries on my journey, one of those being a rotator cuff injury that pissed me off an entire summer. Working through the pain has paid off though. It's all better, but I am still weaker than average in my opinion. I have become addicted to cardio! I do step, kickboxing and spinning for the most part and muscle toning (you know.... those little colored coded dumbells), but once a week I lift for real. I want to increase that and break up the workout. Iím not quite sure how Iím going to split my workout yet, so I am going to experiment a bit.

    Time is a factor since I work M-F from 8am to 5pm. I usually go to the gym directly after work and am there an hour plus. I am also a musician and that takes a lot of time too. Many times I have been on stage in a tux stewing that I had to miss the gym to come to this gig or rehearsal. Summer time is way slower in the music business (except July 4th) so luckily I wonít have to worry about that until August 15th or so.

    Another very positive for me is recently gaining my Spinning Certification, which I am happily using at my gym. I teach one class a week and sub and I only hope I can inspire others to do something positive for themselves. A big positive about working at the gym??? Employees get to use the gym for FREE!!!! Hurray! Plus I get paid to teach. I will be getting my Group training certification in July unless something snags. Yet another goal to keep things fresh and exciting.

    OK, hereís my before pictures. I held my weight pretty well while standing, but sitting is a different ball park.
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