I am planning on making my own thick barbells for Benching an Delt Presses, In my research I found I need pipe with a 1-1/2 Inner Diameter with a 1.9 Outer Diameter, then the guy @ the iron supply asked if I needed Schedule 40 or Schedule 80. I know the higher the schedule # the heavier it is, but what about its strength. I ask mainly b/c of the price difference, the 80 is double the price of the 40. So basically what I am asking is the Schedule 40 going to be heavy duty enough to hold loades of great weight, are should I opt for the schedule 80.

It's not so much how much they weigh, but the ability to bear weight is what I am concerened about.

Lets use 300lbs as example, should the schedule 40 should be able to bear the 300lbs just as well as the schedule 80?

Thanks for the help also, it's appreciated

I have next to none with experiance with what strain can be placed on steel piping.