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Thread: off days (with my diet)

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    off days (with my diet)

    For the most part my diet is pretty good....I hit all my needs+some all throughout the week. Plenty of water, and I dont miss any meals.

    The only problem is that I only seem to be able to carry this determination from monday though friday.

    I work 12+ hour days, so by the time the weekend hits I just kind of shut down (drink, hang out, sleep late, go to bed late).

    Sometimes on friday I miss having a good dinner, I'll sleep late into saturday, miss breakfast, wake up have lunch, then a dinner later.

    I feel like I keep taking steps backwards on the weekends.

    On the other hand....I don't now THAT MUCH about diet and my body (im no expert)

    How long does it usually take for my body to start eating at my muscle and bringing me backwards from my goals? should I be stressing about this?

    Anyone have similar experiences?

    BTW, Im naturally lean, with a very fast metabolism...

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    You should split up your meals into 5-6 meals. And you should make your meals beforehand and put them in baggies, containers, or whatever so you're prepared throughout the day and you can take them with you. Meal replacement shakes can come in handy and are very convenient.

    If you keep eating in a caloric deficit, then your body is going to feed off your muscle tissue to get the requirements it needs to sustain more important parts of your body (such as internal organs).

    Do you track what you eat? What's your diet like? If you have no idea what you're eating, you need to start tracking it now. Go on and sign up for FREE. Input a week's worth of your routine diet and post it here.

    Do you lift weights? Do you have any sort of training regime? I'm assuming you do because you said that losing muscle tissue would be the opposite of your goals. If you have a routine, post it in full (the exercise and the set/rep range for each exercise - - or whatever type of training you do).

    should I be stressing about this?
    Yes, you should. Diet is key. Don't beat yourself up about it, though. If you don't have a habit of keeping up with your diet yet, if you stick with it daily, it will start to become easier and easier. It requires a bit of discipline that some people just don't have, but you have a concern and took the initiative to seek guidance, so I think you will do fine. If you have one bad "off day" it's ok, but don't start making these "off" days a ritual.

    Here's a couple links that you should check out:

    WBB Training Routines
    Best of Diet and Nutrition Threads

    Good luck!
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    Hey, thanks alot for the reply. I am on track 100% during the week (mon-friday).......I get all my nutrients and exercise + some, and I feel great.

    But once the weekend hits, I just have trouble staying on track, as long as I keep slamming through the weekdays...will it make up for the weekends?

    I dont treat myself like garbage on the weekend.....I seem to just kind of eat average instead of like I do during the week.

    Thanks again


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