lately I have been at a little bti of a plateau. I am debating on totaly restructuring my routine or starting high intensity excersises for the next few weeks. Where I would do a lot of drop sets, strips, and up and down the racks. Here is the basic layout of my routine now

Chest...I vary my exercises and rep range on a fairly regular basis...mostly flat, incline, decline, flies in that order

Legs & traps...again I try to vary exercises and rep range

Back & Bi's...2-3 exercises for back and 2 exercises for bi's

Shoulders & Tri's...2-3 exercises for shoulders and 2 exercises for tri's

The logic to my current routine is that I am breaking up my push and pull days to give my muscles as much time to heal as possible.

So should I stay with this current structure and throw in some high intensity exercises...or should I totaly restructure my routine? If some people think restucture or high intensity please provide example...thanks in advance