I'm going to do a classic style 5x5 workout, with an emphasis on triceps more than anything else. I did the chest workout yesterday, and it was fairly challenging but not nearly as much volume (i.e. as difficult) as I thought it might be. Just wondering if anyone had any comments or suggestions. Here's the workout:

Day 1

FrontSquats 5x5
SLDLs Deadlifts 5x5
Hacksquats 5x5
One Leg Leg Press 5x5
Ham Curls 5x5
Calf Raises 5x5

Day 2

BB Bench 5x5
Incline Bench 5x5
BW Dips 5x5
Tricep Pushdowns 5x5
OH DB Press 5x5

Day 3

BB Curls 5x5
Chins 5x5
Vgrip Pulldown 5x5
Pulley Rows 5x5
Reverse Pulley Curls 5x5

Day 4

DB Shoulder Press 5x5
Military Press 5x5
CG Bench 5x5
DB OH Tricep Press 5x5