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Thread: Neck Injury

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    Neck Injury

    So yesterday I was doing military press when I got a pain in my neck that was so severe i nearly dropped the weight on my head and my brother had to catch the weights. It felt like somebody stabbed me right in the middle of my lower neck. It has progressively gotten worse and there is now no comfortable position to sit in or anything. My neck is very stiff and I can barely get up and down or move around without really sharp pains. As most idiots I haven't gone to the doctor and probably won't unless it doesn't go away in a few days. I know neck injuries are common in weightlifting and I'm hoping I just pulled a muscle similar to whiplash. Does anyone have any experience with this type of injury? And another thing I can feel the pain shooting down into my shoulders some also. I'm also wondering if I caused an impingement between my traps and neck muscles.

    thanks for any advice

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    Sounds like either a muscle strain or a cervical disc problem. The strain will get better quickly. The disc will not. Give it a few days rest......if it's not improving, see a doctor. In the meantime, take some Ibuprofen.
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