On this other internet forum I frequent, there is this one guy who always talks like he's a trainer, but he gives conflicting information on a regular basis. Normally I just ignore his posts, but today I kind of called him out. I'm basing what I know from all the reading I've done lurking on WBB this past year, and WBB methods pretty much contradict his. I was hoping someone could give me a logical explantion so I can just shut this guy up.

Anyways, about a week ago, someone posted the ever famous "is is possible to get ripped while building muscle" question. The kid asking the question, is 18, 5'7, 160 Lbs, never worked out in his life, and suddenly wants to look ripped for summer. He isnt sure if he should should start by just hitting the weights, or try to lose some of the excess fat he has by just focusing on cardio.

This trainer posts this to the kid to hit the weights for 4-6 hours a week, but to also spend at least 6 hours a week doing cardio. Wouldnt that much cardio make it really hard to gain any muscle what so ever? I thought it would make more sense to adjust his diet and just give him something like WBB1 to follow. The last part I find really hard to believe, is the trainer says it worked for a client of his and this 'client', lost 25 lbs of fat and gained 35 lbs of LBM in just two months without steriods. Is it even possible to gain that much muscle naturally in two months, let alone while on a cardio craze?

The actual question he asked me though was: What role does cardio have in reducing muscle gains?

Any helps of how to respond would be greatly appriciated/