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Thread: 5x5 plateau

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    5x5 plateau

    I have been doing a 5x5 routine since Feb. Being that the routine has you doing 5x5 for 4 weeks and 3x3 for the next four. I thought that would be enough to keep my body guessing. However, I think I may have hit a plateau as my lifts especially my chest are not going up.

    Do you think a change in routine is in order? I was thinking doing some of the wannabebig methods. What are the results on this? Anyone gained any serious muscle? I have heard many "newbies" say they have, what about experienced lifters. I have about 10 years under my belt.

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    try using some dumbells for bench. Mayeb this would help.

    try upping your calories/protein, but im ignorant as to how much you eat.

    I noticed people who start eating like a cow, get stronger, and they dont even lift weights.

    Who knows really..?

    Try throwing in some high reps(around 8) with the low reps scheme. Maybe your body will respond to that

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    The WBB routines are solid, they will work for you.

    You say you've been lifting for 10 years? Your lifts may be stagnating because you are approaching your natural potential. The gains obviously slow down the stronger/bigger you get.
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    That would suck. At a max bench of 245, Squat of 270 and Deadlift of 295 I'm not quick ready, mentally, to reach my natural limit.

    I hope it's just a plateau. I'll keep you posted.

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    Try a 3x8 for a month and see if anything happens.
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