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Thread: sumo dead help

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    sumo dead help

    im a taller guy and ive heard sumo is better for tall problem...dunno how to do sumo. does anyone have a good article or vids on how to do a good sumo,greatly appreciated

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    This variation is often used to reduce stress on the lower back. The difference between the sumo and conventional styles is the foot positioning, grip and starting pull. In sumo you place your feet out wide near the plates typically about 3 inches from the plates. Your grip comes inside your legs. Your hands should be in the center of the bar about 6-10 inches apart. In this position your back should be straight. Sumo style requires glute, hamstring and hip flexor strength.
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    I might go sumo when I get back into deads..I have such a hard time getting low enough, and when I do I seem to lose the ability to uncoil. The ROM is just too much for me to be efficient in conventional style, I think.

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    I just started them myself. I'm somewhat tall, 6'3"...and too lazy to get the form down for regular deadlifts. I kept rounding my lowerback, resulting in pain. The first time I tried sumo style, I was amazed. I was able to get my butt down lower, allowing me to keep my back straighter. Now only if I had some hand strength.


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