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Thread: Your Assistance Needed

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    Your Assistance Needed

    Well, as of a month ago I started lifting again (first time being consistent in about two years). I've been following the WBB1 routine, making small substitutions where I've felt necessary. So far my strength has been increasing rapidly, and I've been trying to incorporate cardio (running a mile twice a week), but I haven't been seeing much progress in the weightloss department. My diet could use some obvious tweaking, but I am not a glutonous person, I stay away from fast foods, I consume at least a gallon of water a day (to suffice for the protein consumption), but I'd like to know what strategies you guys have used to maximize your muscle gains and cutting simultaneously.

    My specs: I am 5'9, 190 lbs. While 190 would not be a bad weight to be at, for me its more fat than muscle (appearance-wise, at least). I'm hoping to find some educated suggestions for cutting, while possibly still making progress in weightlifting and not compromising gains. I have searched around, but I think I still want some responses to my specific situation.

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    Read my cutting link in my sig and get back to me with the requested info, and I'll set up a carb cycle for you if you like. So far, it's the least invasive way I've found to diet.


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