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Thread: Getting Sick, plus comeback

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    Getting Sick, plus comeback

    I got a sinus infection after training hard and not sleeping that much. I haven't been sick for 2 years and thats when I started training. I don't even know how to handle making my comeback after a week of not training.

    What do you suggest that you change in a mass gain training program for the comeback?

    How do you know when you are going to get sick, what are the signs?

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    I wouldn't change anything. If you think you are completely over the infection come back as hard and as strong as you can.

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    I had the same problem. Three weeks ago I came down with the flu. My first symptoms were right after a heavey leg day at the gym. It was three weeks before I finally got to my back - bicep day and like a fool I just jumped right in with the same weights as what I had left off with three weeks prior. Well, I had a hard time with my barbell curls and on my 5th rep I couldn't get the bar up without cheating and throwing caution and form to the wind I heaved up with help from my back. I pulled my trap and now I'm off from my routine for a few more days while that heals.

    You might want to drop a few pounds off your bar when you get back to the gym just to play it safe first day back at it.

    Hmm, I just re-read your post and see that you've only been off for one week. I doubt that short of a break in your routine will affect anything. The rest may even turn out to be benificial.

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    Ditto for me on the getting sick after leg day. Leg day always kills my immune system a little -- basically I feel near death after legs on a good day, and this time, well, I guess I had been fighting something.

    I ended up losing 13lbs over a 2 week period. I just had no appetite so I stopped eating completely. I went on an all soup diet, probably about 500 cals a day max. Going back to the gym has NOT been fun at all. My legs seemed to have held on to more strength than my upper body, but I'm down big-time on my lifts. Just have to be patient I guess. Good luck!!!


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