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Thread: competitive cycling to weight training

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    competitive cycling to weight training

    I'm an ex-competitive cyclist and stopped racing about a year ago. I was training and racing about 8,000 miles a year and now just ride about 2,000 a year (4-5 hrs week) for aerobic work. I always included some weight training into my cycling training to supplement it, but never to get bigger muscles. I have gone from 162 lbs to 171 lbs lifting heavier over the last year and by not cyling like I used to. I'm 47 yrs old, bodyfat about 10%, and 5'10". My passion is cyling still and I know I should probably cut back on the cycling to get bigger, have more energy, recovery, etc. I lift 3-4 days a week doing basic movements and each session takes about 45-50 mins. I don't chat at the gym and go thru the exercises with about 1.5 mins between rests. I keep reps about 10-15. Doing really heavy weights in the 6 rep range hurts some of my joints to much. Hey, I am 47. I eat 3 meals and take two protein drinks a day. Lots of water and some good vitamin supplements. Girlfriend certainly likes the biceps and chest now, so thats a plus.


    1. Should I cut back on the cycling for now?
    2. Should I rest more between sets?
    3. Should I increase calories? I don't want to add fat.

    What other suggestions do you have?

    Thank You...

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    1. For what purpose?
    2. It depends
    3. If you would like to prevent muscle gain, then don't eat any more than you're eating now. If you want to gain muscle, well, SURPRISE, they're not made out of air. You'll have to eat. Plan to gain no more than 5 lbs a month and you shouldn't have to put on too much fat along the way (although you will gain some). Try adding 500 calories to your days and see where that takes you. don't know what you're eating now?

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