I'm an ex-competitive cyclist and stopped racing about a year ago. I was training and racing about 8,000 miles a year and now just ride about 2,000 a year (4-5 hrs week) for aerobic work. I always included some weight training into my cycling training to supplement it, but never to get bigger muscles. I have gone from 162 lbs to 171 lbs lifting heavier over the last year and by not cyling like I used to. I'm 47 yrs old, bodyfat about 10%, and 5'10". My passion is cyling still and I know I should probably cut back on the cycling to get bigger, have more energy, recovery, etc. I lift 3-4 days a week doing basic movements and each session takes about 45-50 mins. I don't chat at the gym and go thru the exercises with about 1.5 mins between rests. I keep reps about 10-15. Doing really heavy weights in the 6 rep range hurts some of my joints to much. Hey, I am 47. I eat 3 meals and take two protein drinks a day. Lots of water and some good vitamin supplements. Girlfriend certainly likes the biceps and chest now, so thats a plus.


1. Should I cut back on the cycling for now?
2. Should I rest more between sets?
3. Should I increase calories? I don't want to add fat.

What other suggestions do you have?

Thank You...