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Thread: lifting after a day with a stiff neck cramp

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    lifting after a day with a stiff neck cramp

    A few days ago my neck cramped up when i was tensing my neck muscle very tightly...happened a day after i lifted so I'm not sure if that contributed to it...

    anyway my question is, can i lift today (i was planning on doing shoulders), it has been 3 days and still stiff a very small amount but i dont want to further injure myself... if not how long should i rest?

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    I did something to my neck as well, the whole back of it was completely tight. I took a muscle relaxer that night and the next day it was still crappy, but I went and did squats, and layed off the shoulders the next day just because I feel it around the back of my neck area. Really if it's a cramp I'd say do what feels comfortable. This is just my experience from the last few days.

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    try to do some cardio then massage and stretch it.

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    thanks guys ... i went to the gym... i did neck stretches for about 10 minutes and did shoulders taking it slow at first. everything went all right, no further injuries. From what I read online it's ok to lift after the neck strain has passed as it is not a serious injury. However, best to take it slow at the start of your workout and do some stretches just to be sure.

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    lots of water, lots of salt, throw in some creatine. Eat a banana.
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