Well, to get started I'm 17 and my goals are to be a lean 205-210 pounds by the start of school next year. I have been just doing a workout from my football coach, but it is made for someone with very little time and just cover the very basic lifts like, Benc'h, Squat, Deadlift, etc... I am looking to get serious about my lifting. I am currtenly on a bulk with an intake of around 3500 calories. I am bulking until i hit 200 then being my cut. (7 more pounds) After treading varioues gudies and such i think i am doing fine with my eatting. All i need now is for someone to look over my routine. I combined the WWB #1 routine with some other exerices that i like doing. This is my first routine that i ever made before so i'm sorry if i really messed things up.

Monday- Chest & Triceps

Flat Barbell Bench Press: 5x5 reps
Low Incline Dumbbell Press: 5x5 reps
Dips: 2 x 6-8 reps

French Press: 5x5 reps
Closed grip bench: 5x5 reps

Tuesday- Legs and Calves

Squats: 5x5 reps
Leg Extensions: 5x5 reps
Hamstring Curl: 5x5 reps

Calve Press: 5x5 reps
Standing Calve Rises: 3x15 reps

Wednesday- Yoga/ Abs

Thursday- Shoulders, Traps

Seated Dumbbell Press: 5x5 reps
Military Press: 5x5 reps
Standing Lateral Raises: 5x5 reps

Dumbbell shrugs: 5x5 reps

Friday- Back and Biceps
Dead lifts: 5x5 reps
Barbell Rows 5x5 reps
Back Extensions: 5x5 reps
Incline Dumbbell Curls 5x5 reps
Hammer Curls: 5x5 reps

Saturday- Rest


I am doing the 5x5 insted of 2x6-8 or any other combations becuase i tend to like doing them more. Im not sure really yet its just more fun for me i guess if that makes any since.

Also, another question, a freind of mine currently had to get a physcial from the nurse do the fact that they thought he was on juice. All he has been takening is a whey protein and creatine. The nurse told him that is was bad for him, and there are many health risks that are assoicated with creatine, but from what i have read that creatine has been proven in many test to be not harmful at all.