Whats the best personal advice you've ever gotten. I have gotten two great pieces of advice.

It was 7th grade I didn't know WTF i wanted to do. Then a guy who was some succesful business person came to talk to the class. He talked, and I was like wow I went to open up my own piece of advice. So I went up to him later and asked him what the best piece of advice he think he could give me. He said this. If a person doubts you once if the person says you'll never make anything, if a person lies to you, goes behind your back or anything, remember this they'll do it again.

I put that in my business plan in fact.

A teacher in 1st grade because my english was REALLY ROUGH. She told me this, Take insults and turn them into motivation. If someone makes fun or you, prove them wrong.

Very good piece of advice, I don't truly get determined until someone tells me I can't. THen I do it.