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Thread: troubles staying motivated

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    troubles staying motivated

    guys i've been having troubles lately staying motivated for working out and i know im gonna hear all this stuff like just shut up and do it and i read that "what separates us from them" but still is there any like trick to staying really motivated or do u just have to suck it up and do it??

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    It helps if you enjoy lifting. If you see it as a chore, then you'll always have trouble being motivated.

    Watching yourself make progress (size, strength) is a big motivator.
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    I think lifting is either in you or not regardless how deep it may be. If it's there you'll find it, if not it won't be too long before you get sick and give up.
    As far as i'm concerned there is no tricks as I enjoy it and couldn't imagine not doing it. I look forward to my next session, speaking of which I better go and do my shoulders/arms.

    Good luck and I hope you stick with it.
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    do you keep track of your progress? I found that's one of the ways to stay motivated. Having goals is also important as well. Record what your stats used to be, your current stats, and what you want it to be. It's always good to know where you came from, where you are, and where you're heading to.

    At first i started out not wanting to be a weakling any longer. THen i wanted to outgrow all the clothes i had. After that, i wanted to outlift all my friends. Now i want to outlift myself.

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    What motivates you to go through the trouble of finding something to motivate you?

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    its hard for me to stay motivated sometimes, if i workout for a long period of time and see no gains, i get pretty discouraged, but a good motivator is to go to the gym with a friend if you find your not going regularly eanough. i personally hate working out with anyone, its too distracting to me, but its always nice to have someone push you for that extra rep or just for a spot.

    the easiest way ive found is just turn it into a routine, then you dont even think about it, its just instinct.
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    Motivated to lift? Lifting is therapy, church, bible, space, religion. Its not something you have to do to be pretty, is something you need to crave. I think about it when I'm taking my first glass of water in for the day, I think about it when I'm at work lifting cartons, I even think about it during sex.

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    Im sure he has some sort of motivation otherwise he wouldnt be here asking this question.

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    pretty much seeing my body get bigger each week motivates me enough.....

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    I agree with Risk, I look at somthing and I just feel like going over there and lifting it. Or i'll be watching sombody and i'll be like erm thats similiar to a squat movement. IT has to be in you, you have to be able to hink about it all the time. When I walk out of school my head is calactuing, and wantig to hit the gym. I had to miss the gym last week, because of a knee injury done during football, I got home and it was 3:30 and I was ilke well **** what do I do now. You have to mkae it part of your lifestyle. YOu have to want to get up, and if you miss it you won't be happy. To be movitated its not hard if your heart is in it.
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