I have another journal, but I am switching my routine. The 5 x 5's are just too much volume for my knees right now. I have also switched my log in name from Gordo, to my real name, so I figured a new journal was justified. I have been debating how I want to train and right now I am planning on lifting three days a week each workout centered around one of the big three. Kind of a Westside approach, one max exercise followed by work for weak points. Most likely have a fourth day devoted to form/speed. I am also going to start implementing the WOD's from Crossfit on my non lifting days to improve my GPP. Non of this is set in stone as I change my plan regularly, but this is where I am going to start. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Deadlift (Sumo)

DB Rows
90x6x3 sets


Back Extensions
BWx10x3 sets

Pull ups
BWx5x3 sets

First time ever doing Sumo's and I love them. Really felt good on my knees and much more powerful. Missing 385 was a form issue rather than strength. I was messing with my stance and was a little too wide and my hands a little too close. The bar started to swing around on me so I just set it down instead of tweaking something. The rest of the workout was good and I finally know how to do pull throughs thanks to kevin.