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Thread: Am I on the right path?

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    Am I on the right path?

    hey guys what's up. i would greatly appreciate if you guys could look over my workout plan and nutrition and tell me if i'm on the right path.

    for the past 3-4 years, i've been casually lifting weights on and off with no real goal in mind. but now, i'm getting down to business and taking action. i'm not a total beginner to weight training, as i have taken weights classes in school and know proper technique and different exercises. i've done extensive research, and i thought this program would be perfect for me to get buff and lose the extra unwanted fat:

    i am focusing on bulking right now, and after i am satisfied with my size, i will go into the cutting stage. any advice/improvements on what i should do are greatly welcomed.

    since i have just started to seriously lift, i am switching from 3-meals per day to 6-meals per day. i'm not sure what to eat at 4:00 PM, any ideas?

    8:00 AM - wake up, drink a glass of chocolate milk and eat a fruit (banana, apple, etc), maybe some egg-whites
    8:30-9:30 AM - workout
    10:00 - drink another glass of milk, eat cereal with cold milk
    12:00 - eat steamed rice cakes (made with steamed rice and lentils)
    2:00 PM - eat rice with lots of vegies and a bowl of lentil soup
    4:00 PM - ??
    6:00 PM - glass of milk with a fruit
    8:00 PM - vegetable fried rice OR rice cakes OR bread and chicken
    Before going to bed - glass of milk

    i drink plenty of water throughout the day, and an occasional fatty snack, like some chocolate candy or ice cream.

    and helpful replies are welcomed. thanks in advance!!

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    Are you a vegetarian? You need protein!!!!
    Full Powerlifting
    Squat - 595lbs -- 270kg -- Dec. 31, '09 (Provincial Record @100kg class)
    Bench - 374lbs -- 170kg -- Dec 20, '08 (@100kg class)
    Dead - 589lbs -- 267.5kg -- Dec 20, '08 (Provincial Record @100kg class)
    Total: 1537lbs -- 697.5kg -- Dec 20, '08 (Provincial Record @ 100kg class)
    Bench Only -- 358lbs -- 162.5kg -- Nov. 25, '07 (Provincial Record @ 90kg class)
    Bench Only -- 376lbs -- 171kg -- Jan. 26, '08 (Provincial Record @ 100kg class)

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    alright, this is what i got from fitday:

    134g fat, 384g carbs, and 152g protein.
    Total calories: 3298

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