Hi all.

I've been on a WBB1-like routine for about 14 weeks now. Basically I do more volume than WBB1the prescribed, but things move along nicely. The split is M-W-F for chest/back, legs, and, shoulders/arms.

Now I am thinking of changing my routine at light/speed and heavy days as follows: Mon: heavy upper body, Tue: light legs, Wed: off, Thu: heavy lower, Fri: light upper, Sat: cardio, Sun: off

My target rep range on the heavy days will be between 4 and 6 (currently at 6-8), and 10-12 at the light days. I calculate the weight for the light days at 60% of the heavy (i.e. I currently squat 215 x8, so the target for my heavy days will be 235x6, and 135x10-12 for the light days).

Here's a detailed program. Any critique is more than welcome and highly appreciated.

Thank you all for your continuous support!


Day 1 Heavy upper
BB Bench Press
(Pin Press every other week)
Dips (goal is weighted)
BO BB Row or T-bar Row

Day 2 Light/speed lower
Box Squat (Speed)
Stiff Legged Deadlift (Speed)
Leg Press

Day 3 Rest

Day 4 Heavy lower
Hack Squat
(Stiff legged deadlift every other week)

Day 5 Light upper
Shoulder Press
Speed Bench
Cable row)
Close Grip Bench
BB Curls

Day 6 Cardio/Abs
Cardio/HIIT stuff and abs/back extensions

Day 7 Rest