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Thread: The Routine I plan on using for the summer

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    The Routine I plan on using for the summer

    Thanks for all the help thus far, really appreciate it.

    I was directed to the WBB1 routine, and have went through a couple weeks of it w/ a friend of mine, and we have tinkered a bit here and there each workout and this is what I have come up with. Right now I'm about 5'8 125 lbs, looking to get to about 140 lbs by the end of summer (my diet is on track as of now). Here is the routine

    Monday: Chest/Tris
    -Bench 3 x 8
    -Incline 3 x 8
    -Decline 3 x 8
    -Weighted Dips 3 x 8
    -Close grip press bench 3 x 8
    -Seated tricep press 3 x 8

    Wednesday: Biceps/Shoulders
    -Weighted chinups 3 x 8
    -Seated dumbbell curl 3 x 8
    -Preacher curl 3 x 8
    -Seated shoulder press 3 x 8
    -A hammer strength machine where it's similar to a shoulder press, but rather than pushing up, you are somewhat pushing out, I thought I saw it was called "military press" on the machine a while back, but now theres nothing listed on it. A friend told me that it works your shoulders, but i'm not sure
    -Lateral raises w/ dumbbells 3 x 8
    -Shrugs 3 x 8

    Friday: Legs/Back
    -Hack squat 3 x 8
    -Leg press 3 x 8
    -Seated leg curl 3 x 8
    -Seated calf raises 3 x 8
    -Bentover barbell row 3 x 8
    -Deadlift 3 x 8
    -Hyperextensions w/ weights 3 x 8

    How does this look to you guys considering my goals? (I am practically a newb, I worked out a bit a couple summers ago, but not with the knowledge I have now).

    Some of the questions I have are:
    1. How does the split itself look? Should I swap Wednesday and Friday so that biceps/shoulders are on Friday? Or is it ok the way it is right now?
    2. The weighted dips I do are on the machine where you are standing up as opposed to being seated, is there a difference? Both machines are available, as in the seated weighted dips, and standing, but jw.
    3. Is it ok to do hack squats instead of regular squats? If not I can try to do the regular squats, but I prefer the hack squats.
    4. As far as the sets and reps go, I chose 3 x 8 for most everything, and I try to increase the weight for the next set and still try to do 8. If I can't do 8, I try to get as many as possible of course, 6 or 7. Should I stick with a given weight that will be hard for all 3 sets, or pick a weight that is fairly hard for the 1st set, a harder weight for the 2nd, and a very difficult weight for the 3rd?
    5. Since I am free practically this entire summer (19 years old), I would ideally like to train as much as possible, but I know that is not wise since the gains are in large part b/c of rest. My question is I once saw a routine that would train the same muscle groups twice in the same week, I am not suggesting I double it up to 6 days a week so that everything is done twice within a week, that would be too much. But what if on lets say Saturday after legs/back I do chest/tris? And then of course go back to chest/tris on Monday, or would this not be adequate rest? The reason I ask is b/c I've been told and have read alot about how bench/incline/decline are so vital, and if possible, I would like to workout twice on these muscle groups.

    I appreciate all the help everyone, means alot.
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    its defenitely better then other goofy ass routines people have posted, ill give you that

    drop that hammer strength machine and do overhead presses, push press, military press, anythingm just keep it basic, no need to get too fancy with it

    your bench routine is horrible and has way too much volume, you need to either add a day so back and legs can ahve their own day, or split up the shoulders and bis with chest, and tris with back. legs and back shouldnt be done on the same day as youll never have enough energy to get the most effective workout done.

    look at WBB#1, as im sure you didnt bother to research tried and proven routines that people ahve been using for YEARS with great success. its basically waht your routine is, only a lot better.

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    The above poster is right, especially about the volume: Do fewer excercises and concentrate on them more. I only do about 4 lor 5 lifts per workout session, which takes me around an hour. I still make great gains too, and so will you - just work the lifts you do HARD, and try and add weight as often as possible. Doing fewer lifts will also enable you to keep track of the weight/reps you did last time, especially if you keep a log of your weightlifting.

    Looking over the lifts you are doing, I would drop Hack Squats, Leg Curls and Leg Presses - Just do Regular Squats with some intensity! If you're having trouble on your form then take some time to learn the form. As far as biceps, You don't need to do all sorts of curls. Do pull-ups and rows hard, and maybe one form of curls. Alternate them every couple workouts with something new if you want. Honestly I hardly ever do curls; In my opinion, unless you're 200 lbs of solid muscle with guns o' steel you can get better gains from larger compound lifts. Lastly (sorry i'm working my way *up* your workout) your chest/tris workout has way, way to much volume. It looks like you have four exercises (Bench, Decline/Incline Bench, and Close grip bench) that all work the same muscles, only from different angles. If you can do all of those excercises in your workout, especially as a beginner, then you're not doing them with enough intensity. Work Regular Bench hard with whatever sets/reps you want. Just Switch the lift with close grip/decline/incline after a couple weeks if you get bored or if your gains stop.

    Also, assuming you're a beginner, your routine doesn't matter as much as the effort you put into lifting and the food you eat. I would just do WBB 1, and keep the K.I.S.S. method in mind - Keep it simple stupid! Food and intensity are going to benefit you much more at this early level than a complicated routine.
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    1. I would give legs their own day, maybe even 2 days.

    2. I don't know about those machines. Regular dips without a machine are best if you can do them.

    3. No, you need to be squatting from the start. Don't take shortcuts.

    4. It's best to mix it up once in a while. One workout do sets of 5, the next workout do sets of 8, then sets of 12. That way you can get used to handling heavy weight and you'll be less likely to plateau.

    5. I'd recommend an upper/lower split so you can hit everything twice a week. More time in the gym can be useful if you're smart about it. Right now I don't have a job so I'm going 6 times a week, but 3 of those workouts are devoted to active recovery, rehab, and some other things that get left out of the regular workouts. You don't want to be lifting heavy on everything that often though.

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    Thanks for the help.

    I actually based my routine of the Wbb1 like I said, I essentially have the same thing more or less, except with maybe one or two added exercises and a different split, but other than that is the volume really that much? I try to do 3 things for each muscle group (3 things for chest, 3 things for tris, etc.. so on any given day, there are 6 exercises if I'm not mistaken)

    Also for the upper/lower split, I'm not sure how that would work. Could someone take the exercises I have listed (I really like these the best) and put it into a "upper/lower" split so I can workout each body group twice (if it's beneficial of course).

    Thanks once again.

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