AtLarge is very proud to announce the addition of Jack London aka "Rhino" and Mike Wolfe aka "The Big Bad Wolf" to our roster of sponsored athletes.

Jack London is a professional bodybuilder and a former powerlifter. He stands roughly 59 tall and weighs a massive 300 lbs in the off-season. His competitive body weight is roughly 255 lbs. Jack has squatted over 1000 lbs and deadlifted over 700 lbs. For further information on Jack, see the Jack London sponsor page.

Mike is one of the best bench press specialists in the world! Mike has a competition best shirted bench of 830 lbs and a competition raw press of 600 lbs!!! Mike's short term goal is to press over 900 lbs equipped. His long term goal is to simply be the best! For further information on Mike, see the Mike Wolfe sponsor page.

For a full list of the AtLarge Nutrition sponsored athlete team, see our sponsors section

Both Jack and Mike are also members of the forums and actively posting!