A few notes before you watch the vid:
This is my first time making a lifting video so there are definitely some flaws. 1st set the camera runs out of battery at the 4th rep, I completed 2 (=6 total) more after that scene but obviously they weren't recorded. On the third set the camera ran out at 8 reps, I completed another two (=10 total). Anyway that's not really important.

It's nice to finally see myself from the side but I think on many of the reps I was not quite hitting parallel. What's strange is I was usually going back up when my calves start to hit my hammies but apparently this might still be above parallel.

Also, has anyone had pain occur in a leg right below the knee, kinda feeling like bruised bone just RIGHT below the knee from deep squatting? I don't know what happened but putting a lot of force on my knee (even now, not squatting with weight) doesn't feel great.

For some reason it seems that my form on the deepest reps is weird on the way up, perhaps balance issues that I will have to fix up.

Hope you enjoy the vid, go ahead and critique away.