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    Clockwork24's Journal

    Hey guys...I've made a few posts over the last 2 months and its long overdue that I've started a journal here. I'm a 25 year old male from Long Island, NY. I'm 5'8” and 137 lbs. I've been lifting weights for around 3 ½ months, but I haven't been going as many days as I should. My diet has been an even bigger problem because although I know I need to eat a lot, I've been on a wacky schedule and eat most of my food later in the day. I am, however, getting stronger and I definitely gained a good 5 pounds of what appears to be muscle. If I hit the gym more religiously and ate more, I know I could have gained over 15 lbs during those 3 months. With all that being said, my short term goal is to gain at least 15 lbs over the next 2 months so that I'll weigh no less than 150 lbs and have noticeably bigger arms by the time classes start in early September.
    My routine has been changing a bit over the weeks while sticking to the M-W-F split. I started off doing chest/triceps – legs/shoulders – back/biceps. Then I switched to chest/biceps – legs/shoulders – back/triceps. I've been doing mostly compound excercises such as deadlift, squats, dumbell presses, dips, french-press, etc. Most excercises are done in sets of 3-4 with 6-12 reps. Last week things got screwed up because I trained with someone who likes to train one muscle group each day so he had me doing 5 chest exercises in 1 ½ hours! My plan is to start the WBB#1 workout tomorrow, but I'm still open to suggestions on how to tweak things so that I can see some great gains.
    Now to officially start my journal I will give you guys an idea of what I'm cramming into my mouth as I type. Lol

    Sample nighttime snack:

    2 TBLSP Natural peanut butter & 1 TBLSP marmalade sandwich (15 grain bread)
    -550 Calories
    -20g Fat
    -70g Carbs.
    -8g Fiber
    -16g Protein

    ½ cup of 4% fat cottage cheese
    -110 Calories
    -5g Fat
    -4g Carbs.
    -12g Protein

    1 cup of whole milk
    -150 Calories
    -8g Fat
    -12g Carbs.
    -8g Protein

    Snack total
    -810 Calories
    -33g Fat
    -86g Carbs.
    -8g Fiber
    -36g Protein

    Other goals:
    -Drink atleast 1 gallon of water each day
    -Balance the dairy & fiber intake
    -Get on a regular sleep schedule (~8-9 hours per. night)
    -Improve form at the gym
    -Lift HEAVY but SMART!
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    Not on track yet

    Tuesday, July 11th

    Sleep: 4-5 hours...or less
    Water: Not enough

    **Didn't workout...NEED TO SLEEP!!!**


    10:30 AM
    1 1/4 cups of Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal with cup whole milk
    -245 Calories

    cup of 4% fat cottage cheese
    -110 Calories

    4:30 PM
    Bologna & American cheese sandwich (15 grain)
    -560 Calories

    2 Cups of whole milk
    -300 Calories

    5:30 PM (Mom's dinner)
    Chicken Breast & ham/cheese, tater tots and corn
    -??? Calories

    Lots of Blueberrys

    11:00 PM
    Shake (2 scoops Muscle Milk, 1 cup whole milk, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup cookies & cream ice cream, 1 tbspn PB, & 1 serv. Udo Choice)
    -900 Calories

    Before bed
    1 1/4 cups of Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal with cup whole milk
    -245 Calories

    Mucho aqua

    -2,360 Calories (NOT including Mom's dinner)
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