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Thread: The A-Team Is Back and Stronger Than Ever

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    The A-Team Is Back and Stronger Than Ever

    A Little About Me:

    To start with, my name is Brandon Shipe, I'm 20 going on 21 in July, and I've lived in Harrisonburg, VA since the age of 3 (born in New Jersey, but only because my dad was stationed there at the time). If you decide to Google my name, you'll find that I'm the guy in almost every search result on the page, including the File Rush News ( links and the At Large Nutrition link; the former is a small business that I've had complete ownership of since last September and have been working with for over two years now, while the latter is a short review of Thermocin from awhile back.

    If you've never paid a visit to my site before, File Rush News is what I and thousands of others consider to be a premiere source for gaming news. The site doesn't draw as many visitors in as it did when we still had our file section up (File Rush or, but I still enjoy every moment I spend working on it. You'll probably thing otherwise if you stroll on over to the page now since there aren't too many updates, and in response I can only tell you that there just isn't a lot to talk about during the summer months.

    Moving along, I am currently a junior at Virginia Tech, with my focus being that of Business Information Technology. I came to the school as a Computer Science Major, but have since switched to the College of Business due to the overwhelming amount of programming associated with CS. My plan is to eventually turn myself into a respected network administrator or find a profession that I enjoy somewhere along those lines.

    My Experience With The Gym:

    The gym to me is like Christianity to an honest, church-going man. I took up going once in a good while between my junior and senior years of high school, at which point I weighed approximately 260lbs. I wasn't shaped like a giant ball, but standing at only 5'11", it was obvious to friends and non-friends alike that I was overweight.

    Before escaping the confines of high school and moving on with my life, I began taking the gym more seriously. Instead of going one or two times a week, I was now going upwards to four days a week. Instead of doing weights one day and cardio the next, I was doing both in the same day, multiple days a week. My diet wasn't exactly the greatest at the point, but my routine was good enough to help me shed a few pounds and slightly tone up parts of my body.

    Zooming ahead to today, I now weigh 186 pounds. I'm no longer taking Thermocin and my routine has changed drastically since becoming a crazed "gym whore" during the second semester of my freshman year in college. Since school is out, I'm not only hitting my second home up on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but also running 3.5+ miles on Mon/Wed/Fri and biking 10+ miles on Tue/Thurs. My diet is, well, better than it was at school, but I don't consider it to be nearly as good as it was when I managed to drop those 60+ pounds from my younger years.

    So Now It Begins:

    So this is the first time that I've kept an online journal of my daily activities. Yes, I do have an actual log of everything I do at the gym, but no, I've never shared anything in the book with anyone except gym partners.

    If you're wondering why I'm just now deciding to start up my online journal, well... I don't really have a clear answer for you. I can tell you though that is has nothing to do with not trusting myself or any of that craziness. It does however have something to do with wanting a little bit of feedback here and there and sharing my thoughts/opinions with everyone that frequents this site.

    Hopefully all of what I said makes some sense. If it doesn't, feel free to call me out on whatever it is and I'll help clear things up a bit.

    In the case that everything makes sense, then feast your eyes on today's workout.

    Workout Routine - June 15, 2006:

    Morning - Ran ~3.5 miles

    Mid-Afternoon - Gym (Format: Sets x Reps x Weight)

    - Bench: 1x8x135 (Warm-up) | 3x8x185
    - DB Bench: 2x8x70 | 1x6x70 | 1x4x70
    - Lat PD: 1x150 (Front - Rev Grip) | 1x150 (Behind Neck) | 1x150 (Front - Rev Grip)
    - Bi Superset:
    o Standing CB Curls: 1x10x17 (Warm-up w/ bar) | 3x8x92
    o Seated DB Curls: 3x8x40
    - Bent-Over Rows: 1x8x40 | 2x8x50
    - Stretched
    - Weighed in @ 186lbs (nothing but gym shorts and boxers)

    Evening - Home

    - Abs


    - Breakfast: 2x Mega Men pills (I was out of food!)
    - Lunch: Tune wrap
    - Mid-afternoon: Yogurt Cup
    - Dinner: PB&J and a few slices of cheese
    - Post-Dinner: Yogurt Cup
    - Post-Post-Dinner: Egg Salad Sandwich (sorry, won't happen again!)

    Before I End My First Post:

    Just wanted to say that I can't wait to get to know some people around here and become actively involved with the WBB community. I've been peeking in from time to time to get some ideas on how to improve my routine and eating habits, but I'm hoping that the launching of my journal will change all of that.

    Before I go, I'd like to share a few pictures (see below of course) that I shot this morning after my run. As you'll see, I'm not "ripped" nor am I covered in excess BF (well, I am in the gut and the such, but yeah). Even so, I'm proud of how far I've come over the past 1.5 years or so and am looking forward to increasing my overall strength and slimming up a wee bit more before it's all said and done.

    P.S. - Would it be better if I attached images instead of linking everyone directly to them on my site or is either way fine?

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