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    Advice for newbie lifting requested

    Howdy folks,

    I'm looking for some general comments on my lifting. Here's the position I'm in right now:

    1. Used to be in decent shape (dove in the military, FWIW).
    2. 15 years ago - weight 156 (wrestled in HS and college).
    3. Got married, got a desk job, had a kid.
    4. Ate anything that didn't move. Always finished whatever my wife or son didn't eat...ended up 6 months ago at 265lbs (I'm 5'7" (just measured myself today - I thought I was 5'8" - but the tape said 5'7").
    5. Disgusted at my weight six months ago - I checked my BP and blood sugar - both were horrible. Got outta breath walking up stairs - started to watch slightly what I ate. Dropped 25lbs over 6 months (no idea how really, wasn't trying that hard).
    6. Decided to actually try a month ago to get back into shape (I'm 40 now, btw - so while I'll never look like I did in college, I'm sure I can look better than I do).
    7. I track everything I eat on fitday (I weigh it all out). I average 1700 cals a day (it varies - 1500-2500).
    8. I do 30-60 minutes of cardio every day.
    9. I've lost another 20lbs in the last month by doing all this - it's working out well for me.
    10. I kinda sorta follow the WBB1 lifting routine.

    Ok - given all of that - I would love some comments on my lifting. I'm not even sure I know what questions to ask right now. But I've posted my most recent numbers here below (I seem to move up 2-10lbs per lift each week - not sure how much longer this will happen).

    In reference to the following stuff - note that I have separated both shoulders 10-15x each in the past. Therefore the military press I cannot do with my arms tilted behind my head - I have to have them slightly in front of my head the entire way. Other than that - I think my form is decent. I'm lucky, at my gym people have been helpfull in commenting on my form.

    Sunday - Legs:
    • Straight Legged Deadlifts 2x6 (160lbs + bar (195lbs total maybe?))
    • Power Systems Body Masters Squat Machine 2x6 (280lbs + machine bar weight if any?)
    • Hack Squats - Flex Equipment Hack Squat Machine 2x6 (200lbs total + machine bar weight if any?)
    • Nautilus Nitro Pro Prone Leg Curl Machine 2x8x110 lbs
    • Standing Calf Raises (unlabeled machine) 4x10x375 lbs

    Tuesday - Arms:
    • Military Press in Rack - Smith Machine 2x6 (70lbs + bar (85lbs total maybe?))
    • Narrow Grip Bench Press - Smith Machine 2x6 (90lbs + bar (105lbs total maybe?))
    • French Press - 2x6 (40 lb dumbell)
    • Standing Lateral Raises - Dumbells 2x6 (15lb dumbell in each hand)
    • Seated Dumbbell Press - Dumbells 2x6 (25lb dumbell in each hand)
    • Barbell Curls - Fixed Barbell 2x6 (60lbs is total weight)
    • Hammer Curls - Dumbells 2x6 (30lb dumbell in each hand)

    Thursday - Chest and Back:
    • Deadlift 2x6 (170lbs + bar (205lbs total maybe?))
    • Flat Barbell Bench Press 2x6 (100lbs + bar (Smith Machine, est.Bar Weight 15lbs - est total weight 115))
    • Shrugs 1x10 (70lb Dumbell in each hand)
    • Barbell Rows 2x6 (55lb Dumbell)
    • Low Incline Dumbell Press 2x6 (35lb Dumbell in each hand)
    • Dips 2x6 (115lbs negative weight - funky machine - I set a weight on it - and than stand on a bar when I do the dip, the weight I set on the machine offsets my own body weight. Therefore instead of diping 220lbs, I'm only doing 100lbs)
    • Chin Ups 2x6 (145lbs negative weight - funky machine - I set a weight on it - and than stand on a bar when I do the dip, the weight I set on the machine offsets my own body weight. Therefore instead of chining up 220lbs, I'm only doing 75lbs)

    Friday or Saturday
    • Situps - 4 sets of 8 situps each (last set is still really, really hard to get through - I do these on the smallest incline on the inclined sit-up board).

    When doing the seated dumbbell press and the low incline dumbell press my left arm always gives out before my right arm. I completely tore my left bicep a few years ago lifting something; it's obvious when I flex my arms - my left arm looks like I have two bicep muscles (2 smaller humps - not 1 hump - it's a little odd).

    So the larger questions are:

    1. What could be improved in my lifting routine?
    2. Are any numbers outta whack? (for instance, should I be using much heavier weights on one particular lift - based on the numbers in the others).
    3. Are the machines I'm using ok? Is there a better way to do this? (I don't have a spotter btw).
    4. Would I benefit from increasing the frequency (or decreasing for that matter).
    5. Am I missing something here?
    6. Should I do my second set of 6 reps and quit - or continue to exhaustion? (which in most cases would be no more than adding 1-3 reps to the set). (or should I lower the weights?)

    Any general comments, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Keep the faith,

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