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Thread: Ok Big guy tell us then, what is your ab workout? Really!

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    Ok Big guy tell us then, what is your ab workout? Really!

    Despite everyone (especially begginers) obsession with abs and the hundreds of posts rarely do we go into detail describing what exercises and when we do them for our abs

    (I guuess its more appealing to talk about how much we can bench and dead)

    Anyways what do you guys do? How well does it work? Why?


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    I do abs twice a week, i mainly do standing abs with a high pulley. Reason for this excercise is because it hits the hip flexors and abs at the same time really hard.Side bends too twice a week
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    I split it up. On back day, I do two sets of hanging leg raises from the top position of a pull-up. (Nothing to stabilize). These are killer.

    On shoulders day, i do two sets of side bends (with a 110)

    Chest day, two sets of weighted decline crunches (with a 110)

    That's it.
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    I do abs after my leg workout, so my hip stabilizers are weaker.

    I do about 4-5 sets on a machine. I aim between 7-15 reps.
    sometimes I do weighted side bends as well.
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    i dont do abs at all they are the only part of my body besides shoulders that i dont do direct work for. I believe in abs by diet and i cant work on shoulders because of bad rotator cuffs/impingments
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    i havent been working abs or obliques lately

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    I do 3 sets of weighted crunches on a swiss ball, 2-3 times a week. Other than that, I think it's all diet and compound exercises.
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