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Thread: Sore Bicep

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    Sore Bicep

    When I am lifting, I get a soreness in my left bicep. I've always had this when lifting, but this time.. I am actually sticking to a routine. I CAN'T fail this time, I am making progress and I am having a good time.. and the fat is just melting off. Also, a training partner to rely on you is a great motavator.

    Anyways, my left Bicep. It hurts. For some reason, my left arm goes gimp when I start to 'struggle' to do a lift On the bench, on shoulder presses, on lateral raises.

    It almost feels like a 'bubble' in there, like it wants to pop. I don't think I have a sprain, for the fact that I used to have this before.. and had a long break from BB'ing.

    I know people wear tensor bandages on their wrists, is this possible for the bicep? Something my partner suggested... Just a thought.

    I can lift what I am lifting ok, so I really don't want to drop weight. Even with lower weight, I still feel this weird feeling..

    I wouldn't call it a pain.. it's just.. i dunno.. like a bubble.
    It's weird.

    Whadda think?
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    Have you tried warming up your bis before working out? Just doing a light set of curls to get it loosened up?

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    Is it the entire muscle or a specific part of it?


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