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Thread: WEAK bench...

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    I don't know how long you've been training your chest in this fashion but if it works thats great, just realize at some time point it will be most benificial to your body if you lowered the volume even if it's mentally killing ya.

    Twiz, geez there's so many reasons why you aren't benching more.
    Can you be more specific.
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    Mickey- That routine is pretty much terrible. I'm sorry, I know you have made some good progress, especially in your bicep peak, but training that was is just pointless.

    If you want to increase you bench, focus on heavier sets. Put some weight on the bar and do lower reps. Get out of that BFL mentality Twiz. The diet plan is ok to follow(minus all the EAS products), but the training is pretty much garbage unless you are like 100+ lbs overweight and have no idea what you are doing.

    Strengthen up your Chest, triceps, delts and lats.

    These should all be in your routine:

    Flat bench
    OH press
    Close grip bench
    Flyes(if your chest is reall lacking)
    Rows(do them in line with your bench press, i.e. bring the bar to the same spot you press which should be just below the nipples)

    Depending on where your weakness is, I might suggest other stuff. Just pick like 2-3 presses per workout and maybe an extension and/or flye. Make sure to work your upper back hard as well with the rows and chins/pulldowns. You can train your push muscles 2 times per week. Once perhaps emphasizing chest, the other triceps or delts.

    Just remember, to get stronger, you have to add weight to the bar!! Start with small increments and don't sacrifice your form where you will end up hurting yourself. Good luck with it and if you want an exact routine, feel free to ask.
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    Originally posted by mickeys
    I'm not taking anything just protein, glutamine, and creatine

    that's 10 reps, not sets by the way..

    i don't see why you'd "need to be on drugs for that"

    most people do 3-4 excercises for one muscle group.. that is what.. 5 or 6? and it's only 3 sets each, takes about a half hour at most.. no other boards i post on say its crazy, they think it's a good routine

    also this every 5-6 days, i'm fully recovered

    No offense buddy, but you're skinny. You shouldn't be giving out advice to this poor guy. tuttut


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