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Thread: Shortness of breath / catching my breath

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    Shortness of breath / catching my breath

    For a few weeks now I've had this issue with my breathing. At its worst, it seems that almost every five to 10 minutes I need to catch my breath. It's that feeling, not quite of needing to yawn, rather that I'm not getting enough air through regular breathing so I have to take a deep breath.

    I'm sure most people have experienced this but not with such regularity. I first thought it had to deal with not enough sleep but I've been getting more lately and it hasn't effected my symptoms.

    Additionally, I've noticed, especially while trying to fall asleep, since its all I can concentrate on at that point, my breathing seems faster and possibly shorter than normal.

    To note, I've been taking EC twice a day for about two and a half weeks now. I'm assuming that has something to do with it. Also, I have mild asthma that was once severe as a child.

    Any ideas?

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    Most likely your mild case of asthma.
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    drop EC start albuterol again


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