I'm new here, so hello.

I am a 17 year old male and I currently weight a bit below 165 pounds closer to 164, and I am 5'11". My gut measurment is about 34 inches(across belly button) According to a scale, not with complete accuracy, i am 163.3 with about 14.5-15% bodyfat. About 4-5 months ago I weighed 203 pounds. I started eatting better, and ran for at least 30 minuts a day.

For about 1.5-2 months I have been running on a treadmil at 6mph until I burn 500 calories. Usually takes about 40 minuts, and I end up running for a little under 4 miles. Every other day I lift weights for about 10-15 minuts. I eat around 1000-1200 calories a day, eating once every 3 hours, and I drink plenty of water. I do NOT eat junk such as fast food or candy bars.
Thats basically 1200 - 500 calories a day. With over 30 minuts in cardio workout daily.
I also take 2 green tea fat burning pills and 1 multi-vitamin pill a day.

Now I want to gain muscle mass, basically get huge arms, the works. However, I am very scared to leave my diet because if it doesnt work, I will end up putting on a lot of fat, and after hearing so many ways to do it, I am a bit cautious. I realize its impossible to gain muscle unless I eat more, but I'm afraid those calories will once again build up in my gut so I dont have the slender wait and tummy I want. Main thing, I dont want to gain muscle in my arms, but have my tummy bloat out and be full and round. RIght now its normal I would guess, but I want it thinner.

So, some questions that arise:
How much more calories should I eat?
Should I continue to run and do cardio daily like I have been for the past 3 months?
Should I weight train more?
Will the fat I gain with the muscle go straight to my belly first?
Whats the good site or book I can get to give me more information?

Thanks for anyone that can help.