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Thread: i dont FEEL my workout

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    i dont FEEL my workout

    well.........when i just started going to the gym, i would work out and then I'd be sore the next day....all my muscles would hurt soooo much.....but I LOVED IT!!!!.. i love the feeling of sore muscles in the morning!!!! and now.....i go to the gym more often i guess....or i've been going for like 2 months....and POOF the pain is all gone. no matter how hard i much i matter what i do i don't get sore...... what the hell!?!??@@??@@?!?!!??! all i wanna know is......does that mean that I'm not getting stronger and my muscles are used to the workout and.....i have to do MORE?!@?@?@?@?!??!!?!?!?!? someone answer.....cuz this is buggin me....

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    It doesn't matter if you get sore or not. If you want to be sore you could try adding in some negatives to your routine.
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    You don't have to be sore the next day to have worked your muscles... So normally I'd say you have nothing to worry about.

    But, I should ask... are you increasing weight when you can from week to week? How many repetitions/sets are you doing per exercise? As your body gets used to lifting, you'll be sore less and less... But I still get sore after a good workout, and I've been doing the same routine for over half a year. What does your routine look like now? It might be time for a change.
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    Just to further what B. said. You say you are going more frequenly now-how many times per week. Could be that you are still tired from your last workout and cant hit the gym with the same intensty as you used to.
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    I used to work out high-volume and NEVER get sore, I mean never. Now I use a one part per week routine, super high-intensity, and I get sore almost every workout. Really, really sore. So from experience I would say that working out more often keeps you from getting sore. I've read this as well, now I guess I can agree.

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    at times ive had the same problem as vikie currently has
    and i call it a problem cause it made me want to overtrain tuttut

    now that i started up one of the wbb routienes though, im hurting again

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    My eyes are really sore from trying to read your post... I mean the grean text on the blue background

    Seriously though you can grow witth out being sore... but I agree it feels good, try a hard routinue that challenges you with low reps (like the WBB or WBBII rountinue) and then throw in a couple of sets of maximum rep exercies to beyond failure.... should getcha burnin and growin

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    It's just your body adapting. Don't worry about it. As long as you keep getting stronger, you'll be fine.
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    Wanna try mine? I bet you'll feel it...

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